Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.G.I.

For our Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) we are using the best pumpkin seeds from certified as locally cultivated. It is produced in a traditional, mild and sustainable way, without filtering or refining. Thanks to our long established production process, our oil offers an unique, dark green colour and a nutty, gently roasted aroma. One special feature is that the press-worker can adjust the traditional, hand-operated wood burning pan individually for the different  pumpkin seeds and guarantee the perfect oil.  


You can experience the manufacturing process from the whole pumpkin seeds to our Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil live in our press. This is always a great experience for people of all ages. After grounding the seeds in our traditional stone mill, the seeds are mixed with water and salt, gently heated and then carefully processed in our stamp press. After this procedure the precious oil is pressed and stored in a cask. We leave our oil to rest for a few days until the suspended solids settle. Finally it is for filling into our glass bottles or cans. 


The rest of the pressed paste, the so-called ’’Kürbiskernkuchen’’ (in the local dialect ’’Ölkaas’’), is used in the form of either a plate or flour, because of its high protein content, and can be used in animal feed or fish food.

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